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Make cleaning under your Ref so easy with the DURABASE Appliance Roller Stands. Your Ref and other Home Appliances are protected from corrosion due to the accumulation of dirt, moisture, and pests like rats and roaches that crawl around a dirty kitchen.

DURABASE is fitted with heavy-duty caster wheels for easy movement and also has wheel locks to keep it in place.

  • Can carry up to 280kg!
  • So easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable on all sides for wider applications.
  • Comes in Color Pearl White or Gloss Black.
  • There are 5 Sizes to choose from >> Small, Regular, Large, Jumbo & Multi-Size.



Aside from enabling you to clean under your ref with ease, the ingenuity of the DURALIFT Ref Roller Stand is to elevate smaller refs by up to 10 inches. This helps you reach inside the ref without straining your back.

  • Can carry up to 280kg!
  • Lifts your Ref by up to 10 inches.
  • Available in 2 models (with or without Tray Basket).
  • Used for 5-8 cu.ft. refrigerators.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty caster wheels to move your Ref or lock it in place.

The DURABASE Mini-Stand is best used for water dispensers or rice dispensers. Here is a durable appliance roller stand for your other small appliances. Available in 2 colors - Black or beige.

Has rubber padding to prevent slipping and caster wheels for easy cleaning.


The DURABASE Aircon Bracket is an easy to use bracket for household airconditioning systems. So easy to install and provides a durable support for your peace of mind.




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