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Copper Plating The process is usually applied after electro cleaning when the surface of the bare metal is completely cleaned. This will serve as the first plating deposit on the metal and is ready for the next step which is nickel plating. Click on image to see sample finished products.


Nickel Plating The nickel plate is a hard protective layer, and is the foundation of a chrome plated item. It is the nickel you’ll usually see peeling from an old bumper or tail-pipe of a motorcycle. As this is a hard metal, it is more difficult to polish or burnish, and so it is essential that all blemishes and repairs are made before this stage.

Thin films of nickel or silver can readily be plated on copper, brass, etc., simply by local chemical action. These films are also durable as those made by regular electro-plating, but they may serve well on objects that will not be subjected to hard use, thus providing metals with a high corrosion resistance layer. Nickel is used where improved ductility and solderability are required.

Aside from its overall durability, Nickel also acts as a decorative layer as it contributes to the bright luminous beauty to metal.

Chrome Plating Chrome plating is what you get by plating a thin layer of chrome on a highly polished surface of bright nickel. Chrome serves as the final and last deposit on metal, visible with its gleaming and smooth finish.


Brass Plating Today, brass is made by combining copper and zinc. In ancient times, no one knew what zinc was. However, ancients were able to find calamine, a zinc ore. They used calamine in combination with copper to make brass.

Brass is used in many products today. It is used for both decorative and practical purposes in drawer pulls, latches, handles and knots. Brass is made into brass instruments. Brass is a very versatile metal alloy.


Tin Plating Tin is a commonly used metal for the protection of steel. It is used extensively in the food trade because of its non-toxic qualities. Tin is a bright, shiny material, and has excellent soldering capabilities, making it ideal for all electrical connection applications.

Tin plating is also applied to metal kitchen and dining wares, ceiling accessories, electrical components and many more.




Powder Coating The environmentally safe, economical, electrostatic, paint finishing process. Powder coating is used on metals, glass and plastic giving a durable paint finish to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Choose from a variety of colors and textures. 

Polyesters  Excellent light, heat and weather resistance, superior color retention.

Epoxies  Exceptional protective qualities against corrosion.

Epoxy/Polyesters (Hybrids)  Improved color; heat and ultraviolet light stability- offers greater protection than pure epoxies.




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